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A New Trend in Birthday Parties

It is fun to have a birthday party. Before, when one has a birthday party, the usual fare of cake and ice cream is there, plus balloons, gifts, and later parlor games will be played by the children. This type of birthday party is no longer what you see in birthday party trends of the present. In fact, they are advised to let the celebrant and his guests do the food first because when they get to the main celebration, they can’t get off of it. This is the video game birthday.

When you want to have a video game birthday, you need to hire a video game truck. It is a huge truck or a mobile trailer with great seats, sometimes cushiony and vibrating which seats a number of participants, speakers, huge screens, disco lights, and all the video games that every kid could want. Because these kids are raised on digital technology, even their birthday parties are also going digital.

The video game trucks is becoming a very popular business and is already being franchised to reach a larger area for people who want their children to have a video game birthday. There are hundreds of video games stocked in these video game trucks which can go from birthday parties to community fairs, sporting events, and camps. In a video game truck you can choose from hundreds of games and there are some sophisticated features like 4D experiences where you are able to smell the game like freshly cut grass on a football field.
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This business reflects that video games is all over. The video game market has reached the billion dollar mark surpassing even the music and movie businesses. Many of these business are franchises where an entrepreneur buys a trailer provided by a company that gives them a sales territory and access to the company website and booking system.
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Video game birthdays for kids from 8 to 12 years old are charged according to that length of the party and the day of the week. There are also events for teens and adults.

Video game trailers add a social aspect to playing because there are many of your playing the game which is not like playing the game at home where you are alone with your headset. And parents are able to control the games that kids are permitted to play on the trailer. Flickering lights and theater-like interiors are what greets you inside a video game trailer.

Since here children can create digital images of themselves in the game, there can be a lot of fun seeing yourself play in the game amid the nice soundtracks. Shrieks of pleasure can be heard from children playing video games together with competition going on the controllers.

What parents like about video game truck birthdays is that the party is out of the house.

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